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School Age

Our mission is to provide a safe, enriched and appropriate afterschool and summer environment to meet the diverse needs of school age children.


Mary Johnson Children's Center operates licensed school age programming, serving families throughout the region. We provide safe environments, nurturing relationships and enriching experiences for children ages 5-11 on a daily basis. There is also a summer full-day camp, and a variety of special-interest enrichments offered annually. Our guiding principles are drawn from those of the Center: we emphasize child-centered growth and development—physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively—and respect individual needs.

Mary Johnson Children's Center Summer Camp will operate out of Mary Hogan Elementary School. We are planning seven weeks of programming (with the exception of no camp on Tuesday 7/4 for Independence Day). Camp will run from 8 am to 5 pm every day. We are currently only enrolling children that have taken/started their kindergarten year in elementary school.

Vermont Afterschool (Middlebury - MJCC)  BDP-4141.jpg
Vermont Afterschool (Middlebury - MJCC)  BDP-3548.jpg
Vermont Afterschool (Middlebury - MJCC)  BDP-9880.jpg
Vermont Afterschool (Middlebury - MJCC)  BDP-3898.jpg
Vermont Afterschool (Middlebury - MJCC)  BDP-4072.jpg
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