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Mission / Philosophy

Mary Johnson Children's Center will promote the health and happiness of children and respect for family.

Our programs are not conventional or fixed but instead aimed to support the importance of play and evolution depending on the interests of children, teachers and families.


We believe that all parents are the experts on their children and want what is best for them.


We believe that teachers are collaborators, researchers, and nurturers who are dedicated to supporting children and parents.


We believe in the extraordinary capability and intelligence of the children we serve, and their ability to construct their own knowledge.

As a school, our goal is to bring out the best in the children and allow them the opportunity to find their voice, and among all else find the rich potential and talent that each child possesses.



Mary Johnson Children's Center seeks to encourage sustainable growth by embracing more families without compromising its integrity as a premier early childhood program.


lt will seek this growth while maintaining its commitment to financial and cultural diversity.


Mary Johnson Children's Center seeks to provide assistance and support to other communities in the development of comparable programs.

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