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Strengthening Families Program

Our Strengthening Families Coordinator helps to give advice and support families and children in areas that they may struggle with in order to help build connections and strengthen relationships with one another. The coordinator has a wealth of knowledge of helpful information, tips & tricks, community resources, and much more.


If any family has any questions or needs support please call (802) 388-2853 or email us at

financial aid

Tuition & Financial Assistance Program

Mary Johnson Children’s Center houses the Eligibility Specialist as well as the Referral Specialist for Addison County. These individuals help families that either need assistance looking for childcare providers in the county as well as needing assistance paying for tuition. Both of these individuals also have a wealth of knowledge and community resources for families all around Addison County.


The Referral Specialist, Ginny Sinclair can be reached at & the Eligibility Specialist, Rebecca Warner can be reached at

They can also be reached at (802) 388-4304

Please see Finding Child Care in Addison County for a quick guide that may be able to assist families with questions around child care in the county.

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