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Nursery School

In the Mary Johnson Children's Center programs we are committed to creating a diverse community of children and families.  Families are encouraged to be proactive in their search for an early childhood program, and if they believe they are interested in enrolling their child they should ensure that their child is on the Center’s wait list. 

When enrolling children, we strive towards creating a balanced group of children and families.  The following criteria are all considered:

  • Age range

  • Sibling status

  • Gender

  • Children and families with special needs

  • Enrollment contracts

  • Date of placement on waitlist

Mary Johnson Children's Center programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, special need, medical condition, ancestry, sexual orientation or citizenship.


Middlebury Cooperative Nursery School is open from 8-4 daily.

There is a three-day minimum enrollment.

3 days 


4 days 


5 days 



To apply for Middlebury Cooperative Nursery School you must fill out the waitlist application. Once we receive the waitlist application form we will add the child to the list and wait for an opening that coincides with the requests of the family. When an opening arrives, the family will be notified and we will set up a tour and intake meeting with the family and child.

Families are encouraged to put their child’s name on the Center’s wait list as soon as is possible.  It is not uncommon for expectant parents to have their unborn child on the Center’s waiting list.  While most children begin their Center experience in the early fall with the start of the traditional academic year, the Center may have unanticipated openings at any point during the year.  Families move, jobs change, families’ needs change and consequently some openings occur at unanticipated times.

There is no fee or deposit for putting your child’s name on the waiting list.

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