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Paying for Childcare

Paying for Childcare

We know that paying for childcare can be a challenge. Fortunately, help for qualifying families is available through a variety of confidential, state funded programs. Depending upon family size and income the following options are available to families:

1. Working families or parents attending school and training programs, including Reach-Up, high school students and college undergraduates.

Number of people Income Eligibility
Family of 3 or fewer: Less than - $5195 gross monthly income
Family of 4: Less than - $6275 gross monthly income
Family of 5: Less than - $7355 gross monthly income
Family of 6 or more: Less than $8435 gross monthly income

2. Families seeking employment: 12 weeks of funding are available.

3. Medical Need/Incapacity:  With documentation from a physician or licensed psychologist, families experiencing incapacity from either a physical or emotional disability may qualify for support in paying for childcare.

For help with the programs 1, 2, and 3  contact Jane Reilly, at (802) 388-4304, or e-mail her at .

4. Family Support is designed for families experiencing significant stress.

Available for families who need help during particularly difficult times, family support helps qualifying families for a limited amount of time. A confidential form demonstrating the need for support is submitted along with the application.

For help with program 4,  contact Doumina Noonan at (802) 388-3171 or e-mail her at

For further information and details about these programs, check online at Once you have arrived at the site, click on Child Care Benefits.

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