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Paying for Childcare

Paying for Childcare

We know that paying for childcare can be a challenge. Fortunately, help for qualifying families is available through a variety of confidential, state funded programs. Depending upon family size and income the following options are available to families:

1. Working families or parents attending school and training programs, including Reach-Up, high school students and college undergraduates.

Number of people Income Eligibility
Family of 3 or fewer: Less than - $3050 gross monthly income
Family of 4: Less than - $3674 gross monthly income
Family of 5: Less than - $4298 gross monthly income
Family of 6 or more: Less than $4922 gross monthly income

2. Families seeking employment: 4 weeks of funding per calendar year are available to qualifying families.

3. Medical Need/Incapacity:  With documentation from a physician or licensed psychologist, families experiencing incapacity from either a physical or emotional disability may qualify for support in paying for childcare.

For help with the programs 1, 2, and 3  contact Jane Reilly, at (802) 388-4304, or e-mail her at .

4. Family Support is designed for families experiencing significant stress.

Available for families who need help during particularly difficult times, family support helps qualifying families for a limited amount of time. A confidential form demonstrating the need for support is submitted along with the application.

For help with program 4,  contact Doumina Noonan at (802) 388-4304 or e-mail her at

For further information and details about these programs, check online at Once you have arrived at the site, click on Child Care Benefits.

Information for Early Childhood Providers

Licensed child care programs, registered and licensed family childcare homes and approved legally exempt providers are eligible to receive payment through the Department of Children and Families, Child Development Division. For more information on becoming a childcare provider, contact Amethyst Peaslee at, or at:

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