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Orwell Early Education Program

Orwell Early Education Program (OEEP) is a nonprofit organization that is dependent upon tuition fees for its operating budget. It is essential that fees be paid regularly and promptly. Payment is required by ACH direct payment or direct payment from your bank. All tuition questions should be directed to our bookkeeper, Susan Bourdon at 802-388-2853.


Number of Days


Weekly Tuition
with ADM Support*

2 half days (10 hours)

7:30 - 12:30

No Tuition

2 Full Days

7:30 - 4

$76 per week

3 half days (15 hours)

7:30 - 12:30

$46 per week

3 full days

7:30 - 4

$108 per week

4 full days

7:30 - 4

$144 per week

5 full days

7:30 - 4

$180 per week

*ADM Support:

ADM support is the Universal Pre-K Program funding which allows school districts to provide families with funding
support for 10 hours per week for 35 weeks of their early childhood education, September through May.
Mary Johnson receives that funding directly from the district and the tuition reflects this support.

An application for Universal Pre-K Funding is required from all enrolled families in order to attend the program.

Tuition-Free Weeks

During FULL-week school vacations—including full weeks in December, February, and April, when school is closed—tuition payments are NOT due.

Tuition does not vary on partial weeks such as Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, In-service weeks, or any other unexpected closure, etc. If your child is absent, the fees are still due in full.


To apply for Orwell Early Education Program you must fill out the waitlist application. Once we receive the waitlist application form we will add the child to the list and wait for an opening that coincides with the requests of the family. When an opening arrives, the family will be notified and we will set up a tour and intake meeting with the family and child.

Families are encouraged to put their child’s name on the Center’s wait list as soon as is possible.  It is not uncommon for expectant parents to have their unborn child on the Center’s waiting list.  While most children begin their Center experience in the early fall with the start of the traditional academic year, the Center may have unanticipated openings at any point during the year.  Families move, jobs change, families’ needs change and consequently some openings occur at unanticipated times.

There is no fee or deposit for putting your child’s name on the waiting list.

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