Mary Johnson Children's Center



The quality of an early childhood program is ultimately dependent upon the staff. Mary Johnson Children’s Center is fortunate to have a highly trained, dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to working with young children.

Administrative Staff


Early Childhood Staff

Head Start Early Care Advocate

  • Melissa Smith

Thunderdragon Classroom

  • Sue Hall
  • Will Robinson

Caspia Classroom

  • Melissa Jennison
  • Amy Conant
  • Casey Briggs

Dawntreader Classroom

  • Jeff Rowekamp
  • Emma Fricke

Narnia Classroom

  • Darcy Bean
  • Lisa Hudson
  • Allison Hayes


Middlebury Cooperative Nursery School

Site Director & Teacher:  Michelle Sherwin

Classroom Left:

  • Camille Santor
  • Betty Hughes

Classroom Right:

  • Amber Burritt
  • Lindsay Hard

Classroom Assistant:

  • Tami Robinson

School Age Staff


  • Jen Bouvier Wendel - Director
  • Barbara Bell
  • Jenne Morton
  • Patrick Marcotullio


  • Nancy Van Nostrand - Co-Director
  • T. Scott Bourne - Co-Director
  • Lori Gleason
  • Harley Fjeld
  • Augusta Moore

New Haven

  • Julie Purinton-Shuler - Director
  • Mirela Sullivan
  • Georgia Tricou

MJCC at Salisbury Community School

  • Heather Hardt - Director
  • Erin Gebo


  • Jill Paul - Director
  • Evelyn Bushey
  • Melissa Loretan


  • Linda Smith - Director
  • Rebekah White

School Age Programs Coordinator

School Age Programs Assistant


Mary Johnson Childcare Services

Referral Specialist

Subsidy Specialist


STARS (Vermont's STep Ahead Recognition System)
(802) 398-2037