Mary Johnson Children's Center




The quality of an early childhood program is ultimately dependent upon the staff. Mary Johnson Children’s Center and its affiliates are fortunate to have a highly trained, dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to working with young children.

Administrative Staff

Early Childhood Staff

Rumblebuffins Classroom
  • Courtney Otis

  • Rosie Maheu

Thunderdragon Classroom

  • Jackie Prime

  • Megan Aube

  • David Kirsch

Caspia Classroom

  • Lisa Stewart

  • Wendy Chase

  • Andre Turcotte

Dawntreader Classroom

  • Audrey Ellis-Payne

  • Sue Hall

  • Morgan Brown

Narnia Classroom

  • Madison Little

  • Lisa Hudson

  • Amber Burritt


Corrina Lavit

Middlebury Cooperative Nursery School

  • Kimberly Bell - Lead Teacher/ Site Director

  • Melissa Partington

Mary Johnson Childcare Services