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Food Program

Mary Johnson Children’s Center participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) through the USDA. This program allows for partial reimbursement for the cost of meals and snacks provided in child care programs. We offer children at Mary Johnson two meals and one snack each day, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. 

Our mealtime philosophy reflects best practices in terms of child development as well as supporting the goals of the CACFP food program.
The goal of our food program is to improve the health and nutrition of children and promote good eating habits and nutrition education.
Some of our practices include:
  • Always washing hands with soap and water before eating or handling food.
  • Making sure there is adequate transition time between classroom activities and when the meal is served.
  • Serving snacks and meals family style, with children serving themselves.
  • Letting children decide how much, and what types of foods they wish to eat from the foods offered at meal and snack times.
  • Allowing for day to day variations in appetite.
  • Encouraging children and adults to try new foods.
  • Serving all foods at the same time rather than withholding milk, fruit, etc. until they have eaten other foods.
  • Teachers sit with the children and eat the same foods the children are eating.
  • Encouraging children and adults to eat by saying positive comments about the meal served.
  • Using mealtime to work in some nutrition education, for example, “Carrots can help us see.” “Milk has calcium and that helps our bones get strong.”
  • Incorporating multi-cultural foods in the menu.
If you have questions about the food program or foods we are serving, please feel free to stop by the kitchen and talk with me about your ideas.
I am looking forward to trying lots of new foods with your children and also serving some favorites!

                                                            Gay Truax

October 2021 Menu

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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