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Food Program

The Child and Adult Care Food Program is a federal program that provides healthy meals and snacks to children in registered and licensed childcare programs. CACFP reimburses participating programs for the cost of the meals they provide.

Children age 12 and younger are eligible to receive up to two meals and one snack, each day.

Providers who participate in the CACFP are reimbursed monthly for the meals they serve. To participate, providers must:

  • Keep accurate attendance and enrollment information
  • Provide meals and snacks that meet program requirements
  • Record the menus they serve and submit them to the sponsoring agency on a monthly basis
  • Maintain their registration or license with the State of Vermont
  • Attend two hours of nutrition based training per year
  • Meet three times a year with a CACFP administrator in the provider’s program

CACFP is designed both as a financial support for providers and as a way of ensuring children receive healthy meals and snacks.

To find out more about the CACFP in Addison County contact:

Suzanne Orvis
CACFP Coordinator
(802) 388-2853


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